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Why the GDPR Will Protect Both Programmer and End User

Zoe Kabillio

Attorney at Law

What Did GDPR Change?#

gdpr protection cloud image

Prior to its coming into effect, a directive governed what companies could and could not collect about their customers and users. The issue with a directive is that it allows each of the member states of the EU to adopt and edit the directive to fit their needs. The GDPR in comparison, must be accepted in its entirety by all member states of the EU. It also applies to companies located outside of the EU, but with activity within the EU. In short, the ratification of the GDPR has made data protection more expansive, up-to-date, non-negotiable and compulsory.

Technological Consolidation During Corona

captain work from home corona image

Chalenging Times Call for Extraordinary Measures#

Times are challenging and in many parts of the world even frightening. Both health wise and on an economic scale.

Almost everything seems to have stopped. International flights have certainly stopped. Many stores, building projects, hairdressers and so on are not able to continue their businesses for the moment. Like with so many other things, the stalemate is spreading like rings in the water.

We are all hoping and waiting for this to pass and start working as usual again. One big question is of course what we do in the meantime. Only a few companies are daring to develop new products and services during such times. The risks are high and many find it better to sit tight for the time being.

What's the Connection Between a Wooden Log and a Log in Software


historical logbook image

The word ‘log’ has several meanings.

A log is a piece of raw wood after it has been cut down in a forest.

Another meaning is a nautical measurement of speed.

You can guess that there’s a connection between a log in a forest and a log in a computer program. But what really is the connection?


Avishag Sterngold

Avishag Sterngold

Founder & Chief Design Officer


This blog is not intended as legal advice

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Are you the type of person who likes everyone to know everything about them? Or are you the type who is careful that all information about them is deleted?#

The truth is that it’s not so important which group you belong to - what’s more important is that you are one of those who understands that mobile logs contain important information which is gathered from the user – and it’s not just ‘any’ information.

Is A Crash Reporting Tool enough? Do I also need a Log Management tool?

Elisha Sterngold

Elisha Sterngold

Founder & CEO

Is Crash Reporting Enough?#

crash reporting is not enough gif

In the mobile app development world it is very common to use Crash Reporting Tools. But it is much less common to use Log Management Tools.

Developers view a crash in the app as a top priority that has to be fixed.

There is no doubt that a crash in the app is very disturbing for the user experience of the app. But, it isn’t the only thing that disturbs the user experience.

Debugging vs. Logging in Mobile App Development

Elisha Sterngold

Elisha Sterngold

Founder & CEO


logs in a pile debugging vs logging image

In the early days of computer programming there were no good debuggers available that helped you debug the program step by step, therefore the easiest way was to print it in the console.

Even when there were better debuggers they were not well integrated into an IDE so it was much easier just to write printf and to get the information thru the console. But once the developer has already written many printfs/logs, why not just save the console output so that the developer will always have this information when needed.

Why Don't Mobile App Developers Use Logs

Elisha Sterngold

Elisha Sterngold

Founder & CEO


lost without logging gif

In the software development world, when developers want to understand why something doesn’t work in the program that they developed, the first place to look is the logs. The logs give the developer a “behind the scene” view of what happened to the code when the program ran.

The question is why, in mobile app development, developers aren’t using the app logs to analyze app issues. Some even remove them before production, for example, in Android they use ״proguard״ to remove the logs.

Android Log Levels

Elisha Sterngold

Elisha Sterngold

Founder & CEO

Log Severity Intro#

log severity ruler gif

This subject may sound boring. Don’t all programmers know which log severity should be used? The answer is that people are not logging their app in a systematic way. There are several guides that explain the levels but they usually just define them. I’ll try to help you decide which log level should be used. I’ll give examples so that that you will be able to copy it into your app. I’m going to list the severities of Android.